Untoss, we can reduce hunger.

In Africa, there are not enough ways to preserve, repurpose food, and there are not enough people educated on food waste and how we can preserve food. I have seen a lot of tomatoes, onions among other bruised fruits, just tossed away. The issue of food waste has been neglected for a long time.

Food waste is not good for the environment, food waste is not good for the people and food waste does not do justice to all the resources invested into the crop. In Africa, women, the gender mainly doing the farming to provide food for the family, can be helped in so many ways by preserving food. It helps them cut down costs of food expenses. Programs to encourage and help women improve their post-harvest farming skills should be in place. The more we tackle food preservation and prevent food waste we decrease food insecurity in populations. This improves health, functioning of children on school tasks and not forgetting the joy one has just from having a well fed stomach. When the food is not good enough for any sort of human consumption, we have to work with animal feed companies to see if they convert the food for animal feed.